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(Copyright © 2015 by Chesney Bradshaw, all rights reserved)
(Copyright © 2015 by Chesney Bradshaw, all rights reserved)

An immigrant bought a local restaurant in my neighbourhood and soon found out that the retail, street custom was pathetically slow. The new owner started focusing on takeaways to survive but it wasn’t enough. He started looking for new ideas. Then he came up with an idea to cater for hotels in the surrounding areas. Now he still runs the retail side of his restaurant but has developed a lucrative catering side to his business.

People need to come up with new ideas to respond to challenges, problems and difficulties they are facing. But they just can’t make a personal breakthrough. They rack their brains but still nothing comes.

Other people come up with “brilliant” ideas all the time. But their ideas are just too impractical or improbable to make the cut into viable products or services. Others may have great ideas but they don’t know how to develop and implement them or they go about it the wrong way.

How do you come up with new business ideas that can be commercialised?

“Breakthrough Ideas” shows you simple and practical ways to come up with new business ideas. It is based on research into creativity, proven methods and consulting experience by the author. It will help you produce new ideas that may provide you with a personal breakthrough.

Here are just a few ways that “Breakthrough Ideas” can help you transform yourself through a deeper understanding of creativity, open yourself to opportunities and and show you how to commercialise them:

– Three simple but powerful tools that will help you generate a flood of new ideas (one shows you how to observe with fresh eyes; the other uses your listening powers; and the third one is so simple that many “creative” people don’t even realise how often they use it)
– Techniques that help you source your creativity by letting go of preconceived ideas and unleashing your thinking by recognising abundance in your world (a simple method teaches you radiant thinking)
– Rapid idea generation methods that shows you how accelerated thinking helps you access your creative potential (research shows how amazed people are when they produce so many ideas in a short period of time)
– Howard Shultz Starbucks turned an everyday product into a lifestyle after visiting Italian coffee bars (the idea-generation techniques he used is laid out in an easy way that anyone can follow)
– Discover no-cost, low-cost methods to test demand for your product or service idea without making a fool of yourself and blowing your life savings.

Most of us live with ongoing and increasing pressure to produce positive results and find ways to increase income whether in our personal lives or in our small business.

If you want to increase your creative thinking abilities, find solutions and apply your ideas to entrepreneurship, then generate ideas faster using speed thinking.

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