How can you develop a roadmap to turn your idea into a product or service that customers will buy?

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Pencast: “How to turn your ideas into profit”

The simple four-step system that transforms your new product or service idea into an income generator

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Coming up with new ideas for products and services can be the biggest challenge for some start-ups and small business owners. Others find the idea-generation process exciting and fall in love with their ideas.

Identifying which business ideas have real commercial potential is one of the most difficult challenges that would be entrepreneurs and even experienced small business owners face.

Some entrepreneurs, product developers and creative people love creating products. But they can easily fall into the trap of not performing essential commercial tasks such as marketing and selling without which they won’t have customers.

Turning your idea or concept into a product or service that customers will buy requires a commercialisation roadmap or framework.

Many such roadmaps are available but are designed for large corporations or even when they are made for start-ups they lack the tried-and-tested methods that work in the real world. Customers will only buy if you can help them do things faster, better or help them save money.

To bridge this gap, I’ve developed a four-step system or commercialisation roadmap that holds the hands of start-up entrepreneurs and leads them from generating ideas, to selecting those that hold money-making potential, carrying out feasibility testing and planning for implementation.

For far too long I believed the experts out there. But after failing too many painful times to remember, I came up with a system that not only worked for me but also for start-up entrepreneurs who’ve used it and turned their ideas into income-generating small businesses.

But it’s not just the four-step system that helps turn your best idea or ideas into products and services that customers will buy. A seasoned mentor who’s made mistakes, fell into traps along the way and figured out what works and what doesn’t, is the strength behind this system.

Even venture capitalists will not touch a new business idea or innovation unless you have a customer… and they’ll look more positively at your idea or concept if you have an experienced mentor guiding you.

I’ve also got a network of valuable entrepreneurs in different businesses and industries to advise, depending on the issue or challenge.

If you are interested in finding out more, take the first step and listen to the pencast above.

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