Is it possible to manufacture your own lucky breaks?

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Aspatat Farm, Aranos, Namibia, Copyright Chesney Bradshaw 2016

A business person was caught in a situation where he received ugly treatment from a media company and decided to throw in the towel.

There is only so much that anyone can take.

Unfortunately, despite value statements engraved in brass plaques or high-gloss and framed posters, some companies do not live up to their espoused values.

Anyway, this business person left and a few days later received a call out of the blue to say that the lease had expired on a small restaurant and would the business person like to take it over.

He jumped at it.

Some people view circumstances like this as “lucky breaks”. But was this a lucky break or the result of preplanning, sowing seeds some time in the past? Can you “shape” or “manufacture” your own “lucky breaks”?

You see, in this case the business person had dabbled in a small restaurant business a while back. It helped him pursue is passion for food and cooking.

He ran the business, liked it but because it was a sideline activity, he decided to focus on his main source of income. But by carrying out his wish to become involved in the food and restaurant business, he had at an early stage planted the seeds for an eventual greater involvement in the restaurant business.

It’s like that sometimes. Some people may think that the world is filled with lucky breaks for them but if they sit around waiting long enough, they’ll end up extremely disappointed.

You can’t exactly expect opportunities to come to you; you have to set out and identify opportunities yourself. No one else is going to do it for you. There are exceptions, of course, when people may know about your expertise and experience and seek you out but that’s another subject.
What we’re talking about here is opportunities that may provide an opening for a start-up, taking on and improving and existing small business or even coming up with a new product or service.

Generating your own “lucky breaks” involves goal setting. Unless you have a clear sense of direction and purpose, you will end up pursuing any targets and become distenchanted or disappointed.

Instead of being a wheel spinner and not knowing what personal direction to take, a clear goal or set of goals helps you get up in the morning and know exactly where you are going. The interesting thing is that people sometimes do a lot of work researching their personal motivation, taking stock of their life’s purpose and their core drivers.

They set out on a course of action, pursuing a goal and after awhile find out that the path they have chosen is not really what they want. This self-correcting stage is important and part of the process of pursuing goals. A rocket or guided missile gets to its target through a series of mistakes, self-correcting as it encounters resistance such as wind and other elements.

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