What’s the best way to learn how to find new ideas?

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(Copyright © 2015 by Chesney Bradshaw, all rights reserved)
(Copyright © 2015 by Chesney Bradshaw, all rights reserved)

A commonly-held belief is that new business ideas are easy to find; it’s just the implementation that is difficult. If coming up with new business ideas was so easy, how come more people don’t come up with new things to make an income?

We’re not talking about breakthrough technologies or medicines. Just new ideas that can be turned into something that can make an income for an individual. What’s the difference between a breakthrough technology and a personal breakthrough idea?

The first one may be a brand-new discovery such as how to make jets that much more fuel-efficient. Honda recently had such a breakthrough with their aircraft. The second one is when anyone comes up with a new idea that provides them with a personal breakthrough in their life or small fledgling business.

So how do you go about finding an idea that will give you a personal breakthrough in your life or small business? Well, you could do it on the cheap. Just wander around until something comes up. If you think about possibilities for long enough, you may have a flash in the shower. How well do you think this is going to work?

Another way could be to do a private consultation with a business adviser, personal coach or someone who is a creativity consultant, mentor or adviser. Here you would participate in sessions where the adviser would help you to find your passion, understand your values and your personal drivers. Then the adviser would help you with your skills inventories so you could find a match with your passion and skills. After this, you would do a personal brainstorming session to find where your opportunity lies and so on. This private consultation would be valuable but how much do you think it’s going to cost?

Maybe you want to grab yourself a couple of books on creativity and personal brainstorming. That’s all very well until you find long and wieldy arguments about creative theories and very little about the application of ideas into products and services that can make an income. Go ahead, be my guest.

Perhaps you want to delve into small business books hoping that you’ll find out how to come up with or identify business ideas. If you want to “write down as many uses for a paperclip as possible” in 90 seconds, then go get yourself a copy of something titled “Successful Small Business Management” written by who knows because the publisher gives no more than the person’s name. The author could be a journalist, knowing nothing about the real world of business, or even a small business owner.

Hunt information by Googling it. Please.

So there are some of the options. Wait for serendipity to assist you. Hire an adviser for a private consultation. Read a few creativity or small business books. Google it. The choice is yours. It’s up to you to decide. Whatever works for you… that’s the important thing.

But if you want a different way, a more sensible approach, that will:

– save you time and money learning on your own
– find promising ideas that only require small tweaks on an existing way of doing business
– provide a roadmap for discovering your own “treasure” within yourself in your local market
– give you options and possibilities – perhaps a way out – when facing stressful or impossible circumstances
– help support your quest to find a way out of low-paid hard work that you dislike

then you may be ready and qualified for “Breakthrough Ideas”.

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