Where do you look for your new business idea that you can turn into gold?

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English: , Hungarian fashion model
Hungarian fashion model (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A fashion model in Sri Lanka came up with an idea for a new business when she was selling hair care products to salons and garments from the boot of her blue station wagon. Although she was a successful model her father wanted her to do something in business. Her idea was to come up with a fashionable brand that could cater for both local and international visitors. Now her fashion house is one of the largest and the only publicly listed such company in Sri Lanka.

It all started with a promising new business idea. Some business advisers like owngrading the value of an idea mainly because they are interested in selling their business training and consulting time. But the creativity, the most valuable part, the core element is the idea that comes at the right time. As the fashion house owner who built a business from scratch says, an entrepreneur finds a gap in the market even in a sector that is highly saturated and does something which may never have been seen or done before, or does something differently – something that is correct for that time and for the future.

Where do you find your promising business idea that you can turn into gold? We do you need to look? How are you going to find your idea for your personal breakthrough? Have you done any searching before? Where are you now in your quest? How far have you come? Do you want to find a promising new business idea for yourself?

The creative perspective, the creative insight involves seeing the every day with fresh eyes. It is seeing what others see but from a perspective of the entrepreneur who sees and seeks opportunity. Commonplace, everyday conversations and observations take on a new light when seen from a different angle, a new perspective, a new advantage point.

If you have not come up with a new business idea in your current environment, then you may want to consider whether your environment is providing you with the necessary stimulation. Do you need to venture out of your status quo to find new ideas? Perhaps when you return from venturing out you will have a new perspective on the commonplace, the every day, the mundane. Perhaps you will be able to then see the acres of diamonds in your own backyard.

Travel is a good opportunity to observe, listen and discover new things. On your travels you might experience situations that spark an idea that you can later follow-up. Other places where you might find ideas are trade shows, workshops, shopping centres and even industrial areas. You need to train your mind on how to look for opportunities as entrepreneurs would instinctively find.

Just make sure that you record your idea because as the Chinese saying goes, that palest ink is better than the most retentive memory. If you are looking for a promising business idea to help you start something from scratch or even revitalise a business or product that you already have, you may want to look in the books section on this website for a resource that will speed up the process and make it a lot easier for you.

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